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About Us Shogun



It all started with a small experiment.

We asked ourselves three questions.

Our story is about these three questions.


Oh so beautiful, Philadelphia!


It all began in 2015, in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, USA, with a curious experiment to understand how luxury brands behave in the new digital world. Conventionally, luxury brands offer more of a rather expensive (and glittery) brick-and-mortar experience through physical touch and feel of the product.


Escaro Royale was born in a small warehouse in the suburbs of Philadelphia where we ideated around how to provide the maximum value, choicest designs, brilliant user experience and impeccable service to our dapper male connoisseurs - while providing a unique, yet comfortable product experience in men's handcrafted luxury products including shoes, bags, wallets, belts and cufflinks.


We are now a global company, shipping our products to over 20 countries from our warehouses situated in South Carolina. We take great pride in efficiently & successfully serving to our global audience.


The First Question

How do we eliminate the middlemen?

... and provide maximum value to our patrons.

Middlemen and distributors generally provide little value in terms of consumer service and consumer experience. They have also proven to be unreliable for capturing customer feedback on products and services. 

We developed a company that doesn't pay any wholesale, retail expenses and retail markups.

This allows us to keep the pricing honest while maintaining very high customer satisfaction. For what we offer in terms of design, material, craftsmanship and service - we guarantee no other company even comes close to our standards when compared correctly.

The Second Question

How do we become truly and completely customer centric?

We understand that happy customers are the real growth-engines for any company, including Escaro Royale.

Hence, we have aligned our systems, processes and software tools around our customers' fashion sense, preferences and conveniences.

Starting from product development to the last mile delivery, we ensure that we are constantly thinking from your perspective to bring to you a truly consumer centric experience.



The Third, & most important question

While being in luxury, how do make a powerful positive impact in the life of the less fortunate?

In the race for profitability and glamour, most brands forget that there is a parallel world that cannot even afford basics. It is the moral duty of the people who can afford luxury to help the less privileged. 



- An initiative by Escaro Royale

We donate one pair of new shoes to a less fortunate person for every successful sale.

We donate to school going kids so that they don't have to choose between books and shoes. We help the elders at old age homes so that they don't have to choose between medicine and shoes.

Our customers subconsciously become a force for greater good. We keep a record of all donations - and map them to the order that made it happen. Our customers can track our donations order-by-order on the ASFES page by simply searching by ORDER ID. They can actually see whose life was touched through their purchase.


"The True Essence of Luxury is what not to do - rather than what to do. Luxury isn't seen, it is felt. It isn't only a look, but also an experience. The minimalist nature of Escaro Royale products is a testament to the amount of thought and creativity that goes into each product. It's about what to eliminate rather than what to include."

-Ambud Sharma

Global CEO of Escaro Royale